Service & Maintenance

Iceage offers a range of service products from which a customised management plan can be custom designed to meet the needs of each business it supports.  These products include:

  • Compliance inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Planned repairs
  • Modernizations
  • 10 and 25 year inspections
  • Lifetime assessments

Various levels of service to suit you as the client:

Iceage offers various levels of service that offer a path of increasing responsibility for a customer’s crane operations and maintenance requirements as shown below:

Option 1 – Basic Maintenance

When you need only basic self-controlled service.

You have the responsibility and freedom to arrange and manage your maintenance needs and we provide the needed services, spare parts and other products.

Option 2 – Periodic Scheduled Maintenance

When you need periodic and scheduled inspections only.

Iceage provides you with inspection services to guarantee the reliability of your Equipment.  Our inspection reports give you easy understandable yet exact information for the planning of maintenance needs.  This also includes the need for repairs, Australian Standards compliance and other preventative type maintenance to improve your equipment reliability and overall cost related performance.

Option 3 – Proactive Scheduled Maintenance

When you need to maintain and improve the standard condition of your equipment.

Planning, scheduling and managing inspections and preventative maintenance as           required.  Iceage will also provide planned repairs that are based on the recommendations given to you as per schedule, thus minimising down time overall.

Option 4 – Full scope Maintenance

Shared Focus of maintaining and improving the cost effectiveness, productivity, and availability.

Iceage plan, arrange and execute; inspections, spare parts, on-call service, personnel as well as long term planning and preventative maintenance. Iceage offers a full scope maintenance resolution with long-term advantages which is tied to your key performance indicators.

Summary of requirements and recommendations

The key objectives of a maintenance plan are:

  1. Safety – compliance with Western Australian Work safe regulations (this should always be the prime concern of every crane owner/operator)
  2. Maximum availability of all equipment as well as maximising the working life of the equipment
  3. Minimised total lifetime cost of ownership as well as equipment down-time.
  4. Full Compliance with Australian Standards

Iceage recommends that all cranes and hoists are maintained in compliance with Western Australian Occupational Safety & Health Regulations and in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2550 and AS 1418.

If this is met, and the crane is operated with understanding of downtime implications at all times, the objectives defined above could very well all be achieved. Operator misuse or abuse of cranes and hoists are quite often the foremost cause of excessive wear and tear of critical components on the equipment, this not only puts the operator’s own safety but also that of their fellow workers. These actions cannot always be avoided and usually lead to breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance costs.

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