Preventative Maintenance

Iceage Industries has developed a broad based capability for the supply and maintenance of overhead cranes and hoists, in most if not all environments to be found in the very large and diverse continent of Australia. Our experience second to none and has increased exponentially over the past few years in Perth, along with customers demand for a more responsive and well-organized service provider.

Iceage Industries have partnered with two of the World’s largest crane components suppliers Namely ABUS and Ikusi Remote Control Systems. This is a clear indication of our strength as a company and convince you of our suitability as a partner in your business’s future.

Iceage Crane Maintenance Imports hoists from ABUS the largest standard crane manufacturer in West Germany. Components such as wire rope and chain hoists, end carriages, drive motors, post and jib cranes are all “off the shelf” products giving lifelong reliability and requiring an absolute minimum of maintenance.

We consider ourselves a family of staff, clients and suppliers. This implies that your problems in lifting and transporting goods become our problems and we work together to find a solution that you can rely on, including delivery date, warranty and after sales service.

ABUS Crane Systems and Components compliment structures and enable us to supply “1st Class” cranes to suit your needs, at an attractive price.We would welcome the opportunity to directly address or clarify any issues, not covered in this document.

Serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries. Iceage provides productivity enhancing solutions as well as services for lifting equipment and machine tools of all makes.

With all the relevant experience, Iceage offers a wide range of proven overhead lifting equipment and service that you can place your trust in.  Our knowledge stems from hands-on experience, unique industry-specific expertise and most importantly, our strong customer relationships.  Our relationships are built on trust and that means fulfilling our promises.  Our promise is to maintain service relationships professionally.

Our company’s registered head office is in Rockingham Perth.

Key facts:

  • We service all makes of cranes and hoists;
  • We offer a guaranteed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week breakdown service throughout Western Australia with our main Focus in Perth and surrounding areas.
  •  We have 6 crane technicians with more than 80 years combined experience within the crane industry.
  • We have a training schedule with apprentices Australia with one first year electrical apprentice currently employed.
  • We have a good standing with GCS hire as to keep all our EWP units in compliance with Australian standards, we have six 32’’ EWP units on permanent hire ready to deliver anywhere in Perth where required.
  • Our services are designed to, at all times comply with AS2550.1-2011;  AS2550.3-2011;  AS 1418.1; and other standards as required;
  • We can provide services to all key industry sectors including the steel industry, mining, manufacturing, warehouse operations, power generation, defense and other government instrumentalities;
  • We service businesses of all sizes, no matter the size of your business, be it one crane or many hundreds of cranes.

Over the years maintaining and building cranes we have gathered knowledge and ideas which we have included in our Business to supply high quality Service along with cranes and components which are renowned for lasting and not based on a dollar selection of the tender.

Iceage Management Approach Promises on delivering 4 key outcomes:

  • Safety – compliance with West Australian Work safe regulations
  • Maximum availability of all equipment
  • Minimised total cost of ownership
  • Full Compliance with Australian Standards 

Iceage Services based on customer needs:

Iceage offers a range of service products from which a customised management plan can be custom designed to meet the needs of each business it supports.  These products include:

  • Compliance inspections;
  • Preventative maintenance;
  • Planned repairs;
  • Modernizations;
  • 10 and 25 year inspections:
  • Lifetime assessments;

Various levels of service to suite you as the client

Iceage offers various levels of service that offer a path of increasing responsibility for a customer’s crane operations and maintenance requirements as shown below:

Option 1 – Basic Maintenance

When you need only basic self-controlled service.

You have the responsibility and freedom to arrange and manage your maintenance needs and we provide the needed services, spare parts and other products.

Option 2 – Periodic Scheduled Maintenance

When you need periodic and scheduled inspections only.

Iceage provides you with inspection services to guarantee the reliability of your equipment.  Our inspection reports give you easy understandable yet exact information for the planning of maintenance needs.  This also includes the need for repairs, Australian Standards compliance and other preventative type maintenance to improve your equipment reliability and overall cost related performance.

Option 3 – Proactive Scheduled Maintenance

When you need to maintain and improve the standard condition of your equipment.

Planning, scheduling and managing inspections and preventative maintenance as   required.  Iceage will also provide planned repairs that are based on the recommendations given to you as per schedule, thus minimising down time overall.

 Option 4 – Full scope Maintenance

Shared Focus of maintaining and improving the cost effectiveness, productivity, and availability.

Iceage plan, arrange and execute; inspections, spare parts, on-call service, personnel as well as long term planning and preventative maintenance. Iceage offers a full scope maintenance resolution with long-term advantages which is tied to your key performance indicators.

Preventative Maintenance

The ideal Maintenance Plan is one that can minimise breakdowns as well as repair costs and in the same time keep your business running as it should “hassle free”. This could be achieved by setting up a program of scheduled preventative maintenance adopted by Iceage in discussion with you, the customer. Iceage maintenance plans are derived from both Australian standard AS2550.1-2011 and AS1418 which defines the guidelines for lifting equipment maintenance and safe design working period life time calculating.

Iceage has developed a range of service products that could assist your specific needs to both comply with these standards (and Workplace regulations), and to achieve the four key outcomes of the “Iceage Management Approach Promises” as described above.

Summary of requirements and recommendations

The key objectives of a maintenance plan are:

  1. Safety – compliance with Western Australian Work safe regulations (this should always be the prime concern of every crane owner/operator)
  2. Maximum availability of all equipment as well as maximising the working life of the equipment
  3. Minimised total lifetime cost of ownership as well as equipment down-time.
  4. Full Compliance with Australian Standards

Iceage recommends that all cranes and hoists are maintained in compliance with Western Australian Occupational Safety & Health Regulations and in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2550 and AS 1418.

If this is met, and the crane is operated with understanding of downtime implications at all times, the objectives defined above could very well all be achieved. (Operator misuse or abuse of cranes and hoists are quite often the foremost cause of excessive wear and tear of critical components on the equipment, this not only puts the operator’s own safety but also that of their fellow workers. These actions cannot always be avoided and usually lead to breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance costs.

The Western Australian Occupational Safety & Health Regulations 1996 define the statutory responsibility of the crane or hoist operator as well as of the owner.

**(Please note: all extracts of either legislation or Australian standards are for reference purposes only and cannot be reproduced or used for any other mater except in this document, all references are in italic)

Extract ref. r.4.54

(4)       If there is a crane, hoist or building maintenance unit at a workplace then each responsible person at the workplace must ensure that the crane, hoist or unit is maintained, inspected and operated —

            (a)       In accordance with written instructions developed at the time of design or manufacture by the person who designed or manufactured the crane, hoist or unit;

            (b)       if it is not practicable for that person to obtain the instructions referred to in paragraph (a), in accordance with any written instructions approved by the Commissioner for the purposes of this paragraph; or

            (c)       If it is not practicable for that person to obtain instructions referred to in paragraph (a) or (b), in accordance with AS 2550.1 and any other part of AS/NZS 2550 that is relevant to that kind of plant and with AS 1418.1 and any other part of AS/NZS 1418 that is relevant to that kind of plant.

Paragraph (4) (c) is the unexceptional regulation, which effectively means that all cranes and hoist should be maintained in compliance with AS 2550 and AS 1418.  Failure to do this not only impacts on safety, equipment reliability and lifetime cost of ownership but risks severe penalties under the Act.

Electrical contractor

Our approach is to provide you with the most innovative and cost effective service within the electrical industry. We pride ourselves on providing honest and reliable electrical solutions.  As a market leader we can provide a diverse range of top quality electrical services, installations, electrical maintenance, electrical repairs, inspections, electrical renovations and modernizations, urgent electrical services, on call services, electrical contracting services and much more. We provide complete electrical solutions to a large range of clients (domestic, commercial, industrial and construction) situated in the Kwinana strip our service extends throughout Perth and all other Metropolitan areas.

Iceage’s team of electricians have the ability to cater for all of your electrical needs ranging from emergency repairs to complete fit-outs with no limitations. Our experienced electrical staff will ensure that all your electrical requirements are fulfilled to your expectations. With our dedication to great customer service before, during and after the job has been completed, excellent quality and knowledgeable staff, why wouldn’t you choose Iceage Electrical Services to be your Electrical Contractor? Conveniently located in Rockingham servicing all suburbs throughout Perth and Australia.

Electrical test and tag

The process is as follows:

1.       Visual Inspection

Iceage technicians carry out a thorough visual inspection of all items to be tested and tagged to check for any defects that may render them dangerous and unsafe to use.

2.       Testing

Once Iceage technicians have identified which test should be applied to a piece of equipment, it is plugged into our state of the art pat tester and the correct test is then run. Item details and the results, i.e. whether pass or fail, are electronically recorded to the pat tester’s internal memory. The tag is then dispensed from our automatic printer containing all relevant information.

Please note that all tags are automatically generated from our Metrel DeltaPat tester and are not hand written, eliminating any chance of human error and incorrect data being applied to your test tag.

3.       Tagging

A tag is then applied to any equipment that passes the testing procedures, clearly identifying that the items are safe to use. It also clearly indicates the next test date.

The items that fail the testing process are tagged with a DANGER TAG and also OUT OF SERVICE TAG with information on why the item failed. It is then reported to relevant personnel and then placed into a designated quarantine area.

4.       Downloading and Reporting

All data is then downloaded to Iceage’s secure server database where customer reports are generated and either sent electronically via email/hard copy. These reports contain comprehensive asset data including (Asset Id, Item Description, Date Tested, Retest Period, Next Test, and Result of Test)

This is a concise report and is suitable for most business – however should a more detailed report be required, this can also be provided. Our sophisticated software will then remind us when any items are due for retest and we will contact you to make a convenient appointment to carry the retesting out.

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