Iceage Industries consists of a team of experienced Crane Inspectors who are able provide independent feedback to crane owners regarding the crane’s current condition, maintenance adequacy and utilization levels.

As per AS2550.1- 2011, an Assessment for the suitability of continued safe use is required when:

1. Crane Components have been in use for more than 6.7 years and have not had a major inspection. (10 years with reading devices Table 9.6.2 from AS2550.1-2011)

2. Cranes have been in use for more than 16.7 years and have not had a major inspection. (25 years with reading devices Table 9.6.2 from AS2550.1-2011)

3. Cranes that have a Duty Recording Device that identifies that, two thirds of the Design Working Period (DWP) has been utilised.

4. In the absence of a Duty Recording Device, recommendations from a Third Party Inspection.

5. Second hand cranes commissioned with no previous history.

Annual Third Party Inspection is a new addition to the standard. By definition this Inspection is conducted by an independent competent person not involved in the maintenance of the crane, where independence is confirmed via employment by separate organisation or suitable quality process within the same organisation.

Iceage Industries Inspection Services Offer:

Assessment for Continued Safe Use or Changed Operation

Major Inspection or Major Assessment, designed to provide reliable information about the current condition, the continued safe use, the Design Work Period (DWP) and the future maintenance and modernisation needs of the cranes in compliance with Australian Standards.

These Reports are written in layman’s terms including photos with all relevant standards.

Third Party Inspections:

The usage of the crane should be verified for consistency with the design classification.

Particular attention should be given to the following:

(a)    Past state of loading and utilization as compared to the crane classifications. I.e. is the crane being used past design clarification which will effectively shorten the Design Working Period”

(b)   Future intended state of loading and utilization as required by the user of the crane.

The inspection shall include; and Interview with staff to determine the history of the crane as well as an inspection of any documentation relating to maintenance and service of the crane, checking electrical, mechanical and structural components for safe condition, function as well as Australian Standard Compliance. Opening of covers and removal of guards shall be as considered necessary by the inspector due to the existing condition. Particular attention shall be paid to any component with a recent or existing history of repeated failures.

The inspection shall ensure that the requirements of Clauses 7.3.2, 7.3.3 and 7.3.5 have been completed.


1. The result of a periodic third-party inspection, a competent person may recommend a major inspection.

2. For details of inspections for particular types of cranes, refer to relevant Part of the AS 2550 series.

3. AS 2550.1-2011 Table F1 of Appendix F provides guidance on the inspection frequency for periodic third-party inspections for typical crane classifications where a program of third-party inspections is instituted.

Periodic third-party inspection is recommended in AS2550.1-2011 as 52 Weeks

NOTE: Periods may be varied dependent on the operating environment, the frequency and intensity of use