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Here at Iceage Industries, we offer both reliable and affordable maintenance services for gantry and overhead cranes in Rockingham, Perth. With over 60 years’ worth of experience in the industry, we’ll definitely be able to help you, so get in contact with us tody.

We know that life happens, and that your equipment could malfunction when you least expect it to. Thanks to us, finding the best overhead crane repair company in Rockingham just became so much easier! Our 24-hour repair service means you can always count on us, all day every day.

Our expert technicians are some of the best in Perth, and it really shows in their professional workmanship. In addition to offering the best overhead crane repair service in Rockingham, Iceage Industries also sells a comprehensive range of overhead cranes, and supporting equipment, to businesses.

We love hearing from our clients, so feel free to fill in our contact form below and one of our awesome team members will get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact either Shayne or Ian through the contact details listed on this page for any assistance.

Our excellent customer service is just one of the many reasons we’ve become one of the best overhead and gantry crane maintenance companies in Rockingham, Perth. Give us a call now and see for yourself!